Work was ok today. Considering I only had one patient to see, as the other one didnt turn up, it wasn’t exactly that stressful!

I’m at my happiest when at work, particularly if I’m around my work colleagues (the one’s I like) and my supervisor. They both make me smile 🙂 and I genuinely look forward to seeing them.

Then I come home, to an empty house. Sometimes I can hear the children next door, screaming, shouting, laughing…there’s something so beautiful about a child’s laughter. Melts your heart and makes you feel warm inside. A child’s laughter symbolises childhood itself – mischeif, playful, cheeky, naughty…

Have too many things to do, and not enough time to do them 😦 Mostly because I keep making excuses NOT to do them! I just can’t seem to concetrate on anything. Even when it comes to reading..I find my mind wandering, skipping paragraphs, or skipping a few words…arghh! It’s really irritating to say the least 😦