Another glorious day at work (yes, the sarcasm is just oozing and dripping from that statement!) I don’t really have a problem with work. Truly. It keeps me interested for a few mins of the day, keeps my brain ticking, allows me to have some form of social life.

I used to loathe open plan offices. The mere thought of having to share my workspace with others was enough to put me into a stroppy mood for the entire duration of my working contract.

But now that I have my own office…I quite prefer open plan. Despite being shovelled into a room with people you otherwise would never acknowledge or converse with ever, time infinite, had you come across them in the street or elsewhere…being confined in small spaces FORCES you to bond..or at least pretend to bond.

Random conversations (who actually cares what shade of yellow you like?), offering obscure and shady looking snacks to nibble on, moan when the special pen of a special work colleague (emphasis on special = anally retentive) disappears or when the pile of post its have moved an inch from their normal allocated space on the desk…. I love all of those nuances of irrelevant details, bickering and moaning!

They’re all really nice here at my new workplace, but the main open plan office is as lively as a morgue. Walk in there and sit long enough, you’d see tumbleweed rolling by. Manager stated I was “quiet”. Well, if walls could talk, we’d have a cracking conversation! I just shrug and mentioned I get my work done this way (after all thats what they really care about – the work! Not how many biscuits you shared from your work colleagues snack drawer or how many hijaabs you’ve managed to snag off the colourful hijaabi in the office)

My supervisor is nice enough…although talks too fast. I find myself asking him to repeat himself, in a subtle attempt to indicate slowing down…but he merely repeats it at the same rate. And so we end up at square one. Owing to his speedy nature, you can’t get a word in edgeways when talking to him! Especially if its work-related…then he’s on fire! ~cue some naff 80s tune~ But if its non-work related, as it was a few days ago…he slows down a wee bit (wee meaning if you blink you’d miss it)

He reminded me today(as he did yesterday) that the building is shut for Eid al Fitr on Monday and Tuesday. Whooohooo I hear you shout. Long weekend! I thought “oh”…since I was planning on coming into work!

Eid is boring round ours. Only thing remotely different is that we eat certain dishes that would otherwise only be cooked should we have guests..and that we eat together. At one table. Everything else is as normal as any other mediocre day – clean up, watch TV, mess about on the PC. Oh I forgot to mention, wear new clothes. I wander around in my jim jams….until Ami tells me off and makes me go upstairs to resemble a dolled up Xmas tree.

Reason why I dont bother with new that it simply reinforces the disappointment of Eid day. At least moping around in my night clothes doesn’t feel half as bad as moping about in new, spangly sparkly clothes, made up face, new jewellery, shoes and lovely done up hair.

I think you get the picture.

But here’s to Eid al Fitr. A day of celebrations, a day of rememberance, a day of spending time with the family as opposed to merely passing time with them

Perseverance…shall elaborate on what I’m mumbling about next time…recovering addictee