There’s something not right about people who live on their own, I over-heard someone saying, I mean, how can you NOT want the company of other people? We are social beings, are we not?

Was she asking or are was she making a point? It was hard to tell. She seemed to be unsure of her own questioning.

Living on your own isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Especially when you’ve been mothered, and cocooned all your life, in an innocent attempt at sheilding you from the politics, and harsh reality of these horrible, nasty outsiders…to suddenly be plonked in the middle of troubled waters, on your own, in a new city, new people IS nerve wrecking. Can’t deny that.

But there’s always more to it. After the initial apprehension, losing your way, realising you’ve drove by the same building a dozen times and dont seem to be anywhere near your lodgings…being a stranger in a new city is quite exciting. Explore. Sense. Taste. Compare. Contrast. Appreciate. Moan. And moan some more. I moan a lot.

One thing I would recommend others do; to like your own company. If you abhor yourself and being left on your own – then you’ll have problems. Big fat ones. You can never reach within your soul and truly reflect and ponder. IMO. Constantly being surrounded by noise renders anything resembling silence as “white noise”. Silence CAN be deafening, but it can also bring peace and re-awaken yourself and your senses.

One doesn’t need to retire to some far away land, or to sit in a cave to revive oneself. Simply switch off all these life support devices – mobile, TV, laptop, radio. Sit on the floor. listen. Listen to the clock ticking. To your breathing. Reflect. Appreciate.

And when my servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the supplicant when he calls upon Me… – (Quran 2:186)