Wherefore art thou British Muslim bloggers?

Most of the lovely blogs I’ve come across are from across the pond. So it made me wonder, where are the British Muslim bloggers? Don’t BM’s blog? Well English Muslims, since Ive rarely come across a fellow Scot on discussion boards ( wakey wakey! )

Maybe Im not looking hard enough. Will have to go on a mass blog searching spree sometime.

For at the moment, I should be attending to the chores my ami’s left me :-p

And then I’m out – off to have Iftaar with friends. Looking forward to it, as I haven’t seen them in weeks! (yes, weeks, not days. One of the pitfalls of being career women ~sigh)

Eid is either on Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday. Whenever it is, you’ll get people celebrating it on different days anyway. Even on an island as small as the UK, you get people beginning Ramadhan and celebrating Eid on different days. Differences on these matters exist WITHIN cities, nevermind between them!

So much for unity. Bah. The mosque leaders can’t seem to agree on anything. And the majority of petty hang ups have nothing to do with doing what is right. Its politics. Ego. Pride.

Mash’Allah, those who work at grass root levels are the one’s who strive to create unity in our community. Not those who are meant to represent us and our views. And far too often we fail to recognise & appreciate their efforts. If we all play a part, as small a part that may be, we can go about erasing these differences that are eating away at the Ummah. And leave the leaders drowning in their pool of politics.