Just got back from trekking up and down the UK.

I used to roll my eyes at people who’d say “isn’t it really cold in Scotland? It rains all the time. You must get a lot of snow”

But I admit..its true. It DOES rain a lot more up here. It IS a colder. But it DOESN’T snow quite as much as people make out!

And for some reason, people stare downsouth. Why? Despite the staring (which incidentally isn’t only done by Asian but the indigenous white population too), I love meandering about in the large Muslim community, sitting amongst women folk who I don’t know but am plonked into to socialise with and find their warm reception heart warming…and feel as though their home is indeed my home. Its rare to find homes, people and places like that.

I love travelling. Although I seem to overcompensate and pack more than I need (in case of unseen adversities!) come back exhausted and all too readily suffer from holiday blues….Im quite happy to while away the time by sitting in the one place watching the world go by.

I haven’t travelled much on an international scale, if back home doesn’t count..and in my books it doesnt! but within the UK i’ve done one day pit stops, here and there. Usually I’ve gone due to some business, Im not one who travels to places unless I need to. On my own. But on these business trips, its been me, my book, and my eyes that have kept me fascinated and busy in reflection.

The older the city, the more I fall in love with it. Bath, Edinburgh, Westminister in London. I love architecture, buildings that tell a story, the walls which have seen a lot and contributed so much more.


It was my birthday on Wednesday the 25th of October ~party!
I am now as old as the amount of hours in a day. Lovely. Hmmm..


Partly been busy due to the net being down at work! Since Thursday. And me being a net addict (self confession here…hot off the press) i was expecting to experience withdrawal symptoms..but nothing. Although I admit there are times I wish I could log on to read the lovely blogs I’ve come across, but aside from that, I don’t really care for it much anymore.

Because I’ve lost myself in the world of books. For the past few years I’ve stuck to Asian/Arab writers. The descriptions and tales of India/Pakistan…or the Middle East allow me to think of yesteryear and reminisce about my grandparents, aunts, winding streets, hustling bustling bazaars. I long to return to those days. Until I snap out of it and realise Im much better off staying where I am!

Im reading Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. And its wonderful. There were bits of it where I found it a bit disturbing…got a bit mad…a bit sad…and tearful…but its an endearing tale.

I recommend it to all 🙂