Mums and cooking. They can’t seem to get enough of it!
I found out last night, when my Mum finally arrived at my brothers place, she was already cooking something! Didn’t have time to speak to her then, Dad had a few words, as did my uncle. What was I doing? Washing the dishes like the nice wee domesticated girl that I am. Not.

Dad left for work this morning. He didnt wake me up to make him breakfast. Bless my Daddy. I love him to bits šŸ™‚ Although in some ways im glad he didnt, so I could have a kip, in other ways I feel guilty and something nags and niggles at me about not doing my “duties” properly. Dont you just hate that wee feeling of guilt? I doubt men have such guilt trips…my brothers for one think its perfectly ok for me to make them something to eat, even if it means i’ve literally walked in the door from work, yet it’d never in a million years occur to them to maybe make ME something!

Then again I dont think i’d eat anything they made me, God knows how they’d have made it, or even washed their hands or the vegs properly etc Im not happy in any shape, way or form, I know!!!

However, they are not that bad. They generally get themselves something to drink as opposed to scream “Gimme a glass of water!” from the living room..or when distance wise they are far closer to the kitchen tap than I, fix themselves food, and/or help me out (my kitchen helpers!), pick up dirty dishes and put them in the sink, make their own beds etc (Lets not go into what they don’t do – wipe table down, wash dishes, vacuum, iron…)

I can no way envisage having a husband who’d expect me to wait on him, run round after him asking “you want anything else? water? biccies? shall I fluff your pillow for you?” Grrr.

Someone who helps out by making life less hard for me would be perfect šŸ˜€