I’ve noticed i’m too ratty.

In the space of 1 hour, I was ratty with my father 3 times. And my uncle once. My brother….once I think. Instantly, I felt bad. But it was too late.

And my father, bless him, doesn’t even respond to my short answers. I think if he did, i’d think twice before opening my mouth. Nor does my uncle.

I dont know why i’m so short with my family members. Im not like this with friends and/or work colleagues. It’ll be the small things, like phoning every 20mins, or talking too slow…or stating the obvious. Asking me to not do something…do something…etc. Anything at all, if said by a family member, immediately makes me irritable. Its a bad habit. It reminds me of this entry


So very true. Unfortunately 😦 I admit to being like this. And it really annoys me.

Therefore, I am making a conscious decision to not be so ratty. Starting from tonight, when I go home after work… ~fingers crossed…well im going to the library after work, then shop for groceries then home πŸ˜€

Will report progress soon