Why are some people so obsessed with how a woman chooses to dress herself? In the (fairly recent) wake of “veiling” I find myself wondering why MEN are so particular about how women dress?

Lets reverse the tables, and talk about men for a change.

Location? The tube/underground. In an attempt to avoid eye contact with the person sitting infront of you (cue newspaper or a good book….never have something to read when you need/want it!) you tend to choose 2 places to avert your gaze to. Either the floor (check out everyones shoes)or just behind the person sitting infront of you through the plasticy/glass window. Or alternate between to 2 to keep boredom at bay. However we all know men can’t seem to sit without sprawling their legs all over the place. Why do they do that?? You don’t see pregnant women sitting like that, although they are perfectly entitled to and if they did you’d understand it!

And of course…when the men sit like so…you realise how inappropriate their clothing is. Although its covering it isn’t exactly modest. Their trousers are so tight…they tuck their shirts into their jeans…and well….they are on display! (face goes bright red) Why dont they leave their shirts out, to cover themselves? Not everyone wants to see their backside (or front) bulging out of their jeans.

Oh…and the bit of hair that peeks out from the collar of their opened shirts. Yuck. When you ask why is your shirt unbuttoned? “Its to cool me down”. Nice excuse, but it doesn’t wash. Try wearing a hijaab in the summer months. Or a jilbaab (I’d probably trip on my jilbaab if I ever attempted to wear one. As graceful as one may look…lying face down in the middle of a supermarket as a result of it getting caught in the wheels of the shopping trolley is far from graceful!)You’d know what HOT is!

And jewellery on men…hmmm. I think it looks tacky. Reminds me of those bollywood movies…the greasy gundaey (thugs)..with their overly yellow chains and sovereign type gold medallion rings…their neat oil slicked hair…paan stained gums and lips. ~shudder~

Men > Try not to look like freshies/fobs.
Women > Regulate their wardrobe!