It was only when dear Suroor mentioned phone phobia…did it occur to me..I have this a more selective form.

I work in research. Yes, the exciting world of health research. I moved from having hands on people access, working directly with individuals in a healthcare setting…to having little/no access and working directly with research papers. Reams and reams of them. If you call sitting on your desk waiting to be read work, then yes…I work very hard!

I slack a lot as part of my work. Theres only so many things you can read…and comment (constructively and critically) on. I also have a very hock hack approach to my research projects.

But my major issue is….phone calls. Especially having to make them. More exact – having to phone people to ask them to participate in research. I HATE doing that. I don’t mind phoning for anything else…pizza, hairdressers, my ISP, the Dr’s. Nope…I will happily dial the number for those. But for my research projects…I LOATHE having to phone. Sometimes it feels like I’m having to beg for research participants. Im much happy emailing for research purposes. And keep all interaction to email where possible! (Uptil where I go to collect the data obviously πŸ˜€ )

One I sometimes either talk too fast or they don’t understand what I’m saying. Last time I checked I was speaking ENGLISH! Yes, this even happens in my home town. I dont mind talking slow…but when the other person still can’t be bothered to make an effort I go a bit…errm…awkward. Not good Sumera…not good at all. I know.

I think another reason…partly its to due to REJECTION. I hate hearing “Sorry we can’t help you”. Or fob you off with some excuse a preschool kid would use. Feel like throttling them. Or when they ask for more information regarding your research…and I mean the complete ins/outs…all of the research jargon. Or when I have to explain the obvious.

Explaining the obvious also goes for literature reviews. Hmph.


Ah well…I shall forever have to deal with this should I wish to have a career in health research. Wish me luck people. I feel like a Banshee on the phone at times. A Screaming Banshee