I haven’t been maintaining this blog due to lack of time and lack of anything constructive to get the squeaky cogwheels in my head churning with. Im trying to move away from the banal “I woke up at 9am… had Cornflakes, went work” kind of blogging.

Been tagged by Suroor!

So here it is:

6 weird things about me:

1) I used to munch on paper towels during my pre school years. I have many photographs where my Mum has dressed me up in pretty pink frocks and pearl necklaces…only to see a trail of peach coloured bog roll unravelling from my mouth!

2) Similar to Suroor, who used to stick erasers up her nose…I used utilise the wee green and red houses that formed part of the Monopoly game board instead. That was always done when the game got boring….so to spice it up, my brothers and I would clog our nose with the small houses and then collapse in fits of laughter at how hilarious we looked!

3) I tend to have random conversation buzzing around in my head. Sometimes I will HAVE THEM OUT LOUD and then smack my forehead for being so weird! Luckily no-ones around when I have them…i’d be wheeled off to psychiatry….

4) I love outrageous make up. Flamboyant eyeshadows, large fluttery theatrical eyelashes. Flesh coloured lipstick though! I have dark purple highlights in my hair…that I must say look FAB! Im opting for blue next. Im a goth/hippy at heart

5) As of late I’ve been feeling warm and fuzzy inside. That is definitely weird for me.

I tag…