Following iMuslims woes about hair grooming appliances, I decided to detail various methods, tried and tested by yours truly, in attaining perfect bouncing currrrls. Emphasis on the “r”, since most curls go limp regardless of how much hairspray you fire at them, pre and post curling.

Rubber rod rollers tend to snag the hair, so I avoid it. I own a pair of curling tongs – whichI find tend to burn the hair…and in my absent mindedness I have wondered where the burning smells coming from, only to see my hair being sizzled on this metal rod! I can’t afford to lose what hair I have left.

My current method is applying curl boost creme (creamy texture, no gel, jelly like consistency), plait my hair high up and then retire to bed. Yep, its not a nice sight seeing my hair scrapped back so tight that my eye’s look as though they are trying to escape my face. However, the results in the morning are wonderful πŸ˜€

The above isn’t so much for currrls as they are for wavy, volumised-looking-hair. For really bouncy curls, I use the good old sticky granny with blue rinse rollers and that sizzling metal curling rod.

Straighteners. GHD ones are all the rage. I have 2 pairs of hair straighteners, which in all honesty I rarely use. I only bought the 2nd pair since it was part of a travel kit…and I loved the bag. I’ve only took it with me once on my travels – after all majority of the time my hairs enveloped in hijaab and only see’s light of day indoors. Well….actually, to be exact now in the UK winter months daylight is a rare occurence. So lets make that never!

My more recent problem are bad hijaab days. From the bumps refusing to iron out, to becoming holey from the pin snagging and the most irritating one of all – becoming loose and slowly slipping off.

I opt for the pashmina hijaabs, since the triangle ones don’t appeal to me and are more of a nuisance than I have patience for.

I need hijaab wrapping help.