Alhumdulillah my parents will be leaving for Hajj tomorrow Insh’Allah.

Its been a stressful month. Problems with the visa – agent dealing with it being a pain in the backside and refusing to give a straight answer, the group that my parents are going with being ever so clueless themselves, flights not being confirmed, dates changing etc.

Currently they are trying to sort out timings to fly out of Heathrow tomorrow evening, despite already having booked the domestic flight from here to London a week ago, there seems to be problems on the other end with flights to Jeddah.

However, Insh’Allah it’ll work out for the best.

I wish Saudi would get their act together. Hajj has been occurring every year for 1400 + a bit years and they still can’t organise it properly ~smack forehead~

May their Hajj and everyone elses be accepted, may what they ask for be granted if it is better for them, and may they all return safely!