As a “born” Muslim (Yes there ARE stages of evolution as a Muslim) I have difficulty in grasping a few issues pertaining to Islam, I can’t get my head round fiqh (sometimes) and I have a huge gap in knowledge on most things re Islam, that I hate to admit. Sometimes the problem isn’t what to read up on, what to do, not to engage in etc, but WHERE to start.

On top of that who have numerous writings, books, publications that you think are quite detailed, and present a good, balanced discussion on matters (e.g. slavery, adoption/fostering, political issues etc) only for someone to point out the author not being “credible” or something along those lines…then you feel you’re back at sq one!

Maybe as “born” Muslims, because we’ve been taught about Islam with colourful cultural interjections, we find difficulty in whats from Islam and whats cultural but to say Islam is free from cultural influences isn’t correct. There are heavy Arab-ish influences and to be honest, its to be expected and is understandable given the period and place of Islams emergence and its expansion. For a discussion on the Arabisation of things, click on the above link πŸ˜€

So I wholly appreciate and admire those who come to Islam, those who have a zeal for learning about Islam – its effect, influences and even the not to easy to digest aspects of it.

I was wanting some pointers on books, articles etc one can access and study from. I’ve lacked discipline in assigning tasks to myself and often favour the “classroom” setting when it comes to learning. However, independent learning is the order of the day – and I need to move away from classroom settings.

Any recommendations? And where to purchase them from? On Fiqh, Hadith, etc

Help would be much appreciated! I have a long way to go 😦