Dispatches focused on the radicalisation occurring in UK mosques and the attention of this focus was on mosques in Birmingham. The links have been uploaded and available for viewing. And it is no surprise that this “debate” is very much a one sided account of an encounter with what occurs in mosques – particularly pertaining to sermons/talks which are popularly attended.

It has once again maligned Muslims groups such as HT, Ikhwaan-ul-Muslimeen, TJ and has sided with the more contentious and government groomed groups such as MCB, MAB and other dubious set ups such as the Sufi Council etc. And of course, it has also pointed out those issues that cause much discussion and confusion amongst Muslims such womens intelligence – her “deficiency” in intellect and deen, the wearing of hijaab and its enforcement on women, homosexuality, treatment of Jews and Christians to mention a few.

Often I have said before that issues – such as in another documentary aired by Channel 4 – Womens Jihad -(surrounding womens access to mosques) which was discussed extensively at Suroors blog- which can only be solved by Muslims should be discussed openly by Muslims and not only become an issue of concern or brought to light when it has publicised and criticised on national television.

However it seems this is how the Muslim community currently functions, and then reacts in a defensive manner, ranting and raving about how the “kufaars are tainted the image of Islam”. Becoming hot headed and reactionary leads not to beneficial and fruitful discussions and debates (which should be utilised as recognised as a means of dawah) but to angry protests and actions that have had very little thought put behind them.

In the current political climate where Muslims are sometimes viewed with suspicion and mosques have been blamed for grooming naive, young and impressionable men for terrorist activities – to now portray mosques are “intolerable” “misogynists” and spreading the message of hatred (as has been a common theme for sometime) is fanning the flames further

Here’s the Dispatches documentary:

Videos can be found by doing a search at Youtube or Google Video.