There is currently a discussion going on
, regarding “banning” the mother from speaking her language at home to her children, instead favouring and opting for English, Arabic and the husbands mother tongue (if the husband/wife are from different cultures with different languages)

I think its complete stupidity and a nonsensical notion to implement – as she is the mother, she is their primary and most influential teacher and has the right to teach them what language she deems fit; and why she should forego her mother tongue and instead focus on teaching them only Arabic and the husbands language?

In addition, being multilingual can never be a disadvantage – it enhances and richens your development, grasp of phrases, meanings, contexts, formation, application and fluency to name a few. Its a means to exploring the richness that maybe your prominent language (English) lacks in – how being multi-lingual can put a strain on a child is an argument I refuse to acknowledge – simply because it is not an argument at all with any kind of weight that works in its favour.

Children develop and progress at a pace during the first few years of their life that never occurs again during the rest of their lives. They are able to comprehend, absorb, learn, develop and adopt behaviours, languages that if sustained become a tool in later life. Children literally are sponges.

I knew of a few Asian families who had “banned” their children from speaking English at home – and instead emphasised and implementing their mother tongue. It was an attempt to pass on their heritage and culture, an attempt to prevent the “Westernisation” of their home, a frail attempt at clutching onto the fraying edges of their fast disappearing culture.

Do you think there is any logical reason behind why a language should be “banned” from the home?

Β Addition: Look what one has to go through to learn a language as an adult!