Mezba’s speaks out against Islam’s oppression of men. Finally we have a male voice amongst the ranks.

Some examples are:

For example, let’s start with prayers. I have to put on ten layers of clothes, gloves, earmuffs, then go outside in the freezing cold, wipe the snow off the car, drive to the mosque which is 10 km away, pray in congregation, drive back and by the time I am home, it’s almost time for the next prayer. In Islam a man’s best prayer is offered in congregation in the mosque. And what does my (future) wife have to do? All she has to do is put the TV on mute, place the praying mat on the floor, quickly say her prayers and then be back to watching Saas Hi Bahu Ko Maar Dala. And Islam says that’s her best prayers. WTF?


We all know women love to shop for clothes. And what does Islam do? Give her an EXCUSE to go shop for clothes.

“Honey, really, it’s for part of my hijab. Seriously. I have to be fully covered, you know. And the Louis Vuitton bag? Well, Islam does not want me to attract men’s attentions with my hidden ornaments, so I have to carry them somewhere, right? Besides, didn’t Allah tell you men the best dinar spent is the dinar you spend on your family?”

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