Why are women encouraged to sacrifiice their wants, their aspirations, their ambitions? What makes women at the extreme end mstrangle their very soul by the aid of their own hands?

Women by nature, (some would argue it is a learned behaviour) are selfless, they put others before themselves, their needs, their wants and the well-being of others, sometimes at the detriment of their own well-being.

If its not about giving up things for their family, then it’d be for their partners or their children. Sacrifices may be in the form of waiving their rights – such as waiving the mahr after being married, waiving her right to her own space, her right to earn an income for herself by not working.

If in a polygynous marriage, then by playing the more “empathetic spouse” by giving up time and nights allocated to them for the other wife (or wives), or if she stays “patient” when he takes another wife. Keeping in the marriage mode – women who sacrifice their happiness and wants for that of their husband hold onto the hope of attaining Jannah if he is happy with her. And in that hope, they happily tighten the noose around their necks.

Sacrificing itself can be seen from examples of women from all walks of life, from different background, races, creeds and faiths. From stories of Hindu women in the Indian subcontinent to Muslim women in the Arab world.

Are making sacrifices meant to demonstrate compassion? Are sacrifices learned and desirable purely because it demonstrates selflessness? Or are some sacrifices intrinsically made through ones own sincere desire? Or are all sacrifices really holding hope of some kind of a reward or compensation at the end?

And why are these sacrifices that women give up for their men usually seen as a vehicle in attaining Jannah? Surely your relationship with your Rabb is meant to be what occurs between you and Allah (swt), in terms of the deeds, acts of kindness, charity you give to name a few and not only what occurs between you, and your spouse?

What is it about us women that makes us so willing to make sacrifices?