I decided to paint my nails a lovely dusky pink shade today. Whilst tapping away on the keyboard remembered that some deem nail varnish to be a form of adornment. Alongside rings, nose studs and necklaces.

They take this verse from Surah An-Nisaa

[24:31]And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity, and not to display their charms [in public] beyond what may [decently] be apparent thereof

to propose those body parts on which these adornments lay or are worn on should be covered since they fall under the category of enhancing or improving a womans zeenah (beauty), attract attention and therefore can cause fitnaah

So if you wear a nose stud, you should wear niqaab or take it out. If you wear rings/nail varnish, you should either remove them or wear gloves and if you wear a necklace then it should be tucked into your top or you should drape your khimaar over it.

Some of the opinions on the issue of jewellery can be seen here but focuses on attention. In the above link it was advised that

Depending on what type it is and what quantity your daughter wears, how much is this an issue? Perhaps a compromise can be reached here. What your daughter should avoid is any type of jewelry which draws attention, like ankle bracelets, for example. But if she is talking about wearing a ring and a wrist bracelet, for example, then this is permissible

How can an anklet draw any more attention than a wrist bracelet or a watch? An anklet would probably only show if you wore your skirt or trousers a little bit higher to show off your ankles (or if you consider feet awrah then they would be covered) but it’d most probably be covered by clothing anyway.

The verse by some has been understood to refer to

….the directive to not display beauty and ornaments except what ordinarily appears in terms of ordinary adornment and extra adornment. Ordinary adornments like kohl, henna, or a ring are permissible to wear in public

So who catergorises and judges what is ordinary adornment and what is extra adornment?

In short, any type of adornment which makes a woman look “made-up” and attracts amorous attention is not permissible, as this would defeat the whole purpose of hijab.

Some would consider kohl to attract attention and therefore not be applied at all, yet the same doesnt apply with make up. But isn’t kohl a make up product? Aren’t rings and bracelets and other items of jewellery extra adornments? Isn’t their purpose to beautify one, and ones clothing?

But does beautifying yourself necessarily lead to fitnaah (cause or resulting in)?

What if you naturally gorgeous (no such luck here), are you an automatic fitnaah and therefore should cover every inch of yourself lest you be held accountable for enticing and tempting men?

Where is the adornment = fitnah line drawn?