For those with knowledge of Islam, aside from the generic and the basics, how did you manage to go about learning about fiqh, studying hadith and rulings/opinions of scholars/schools of thought?

Did you have a teacher, or was it self-learning?

How much learning can one really do from books?

As women, is it harder to find a teacher that you can contact and learn from or are we restricted to learning from books and making do with whats available (which although is vast, its not that easy to make sense of some of it and knowledge cant always be passed on through books)

Personally, majority of my knowledge has come from independent learning. I don’t have a teacher to refer to or anyone particularly knowledgeable. It may have something to do with the small number of Muslims in the city, the lack of resources available, or perhaps i’m not looking hard enough.

Whats the best method of learning? And how does one go about obtaining and adhering to that method?