This is the reason why people wear sunglasses:

Without our sunglasses we are ordinary Joes/Janes, but just buy a pair of, say, knock-off Ray-Ban aviators from H&M (nice purple-fade lens, grey gunmetal frames, less than a fiver) and suddenly a Mr Benn-like transformation occurs; we become stars in our own private Heat magazine drama. Instead of being dreary civilians, we are important/glamorous/famous/tortured/jetlagged/wasted/
mysterious/wronged/hungover/officious/dodgy/grieving/heartbroken/pleading not guilty, etc.

Me included of course! Call it vanity – but I say its good for days when your dark circles seem more prominent than usual and require concealing! Although I tend not to wear sunglasses all year round – thats just a tad too OTT and would probably lead to this.