iMuslim wants to know about my warblings. They’re quite boring and banal but here goes

1) I say hmmm quite a lot. Sometimes to fill in a gap between conversations, or to acknowledge i’m listening and understanding the other person. Mostly though, I do it when I don’t have anything to add.

2) I’m not the kind of person who replaces expletives with candy phrases such as fudge and sugar. I say “sh**e” when things go wrong or if I drop something.

3) Depending on who im with and what the topic of conversation is, I find myself saying some words over and over again. A few weeks ago it was “thats just the way it is”, “what can you do about it?” – shrug shoulders, and “yeah, tell me about it”.

4) I occasionally have days where my speech sometimes stalls and stutters – much like a car who’s battery is about to die. Why that happens is anyone’s guess – but I think its because my brain whirrs faster than my tongue can form the sentence! Or I mix up words. Like today I was referring to a movie that had a lot of very impressive special effects and I said to my brother “Cool, this had sahih side effects” instead of special effects Arghhh :p (I sound like a wideboy as iMuslim calls it there I know! My brothers have that effect on me)

5) I tend to shorten words, “thanks” becomes “ta”, “okay” becomes “k”. I also mix English with a bit of Urdu and Punjaabi depending on who Im speaking to. 😀

I tag…Mushir and Sheryza.