I’ve met very few women who sport dimpled chins, commonly referred to by young ‘uns as a “bum chin”. I had read the dimpled chin is genetic, as are dimples generally. It is also used, even to this day, as an indicator or marker of certain personality traits. I find the art of reading faces, physiongnomy and linking them to personality or character traits fascinating. Quite similar to what the psychologists used to do in the hey-day; identify potential and active criminals from facial features and head bumps.  Traits and temperaments of ordinary people where judged according to where the bumps on their head were located and their shape – phrenology!

I digress. Back to dimples. I find dimples cute 😀 and over the years I’ve grown to like my dimpled chin and cheeks too.

What do you think about dimples? Dont they give the individual a “childish” look? Mischevious perhaps?