Another tag! This time from the lovely Suroor. My 7 random facts are as follows

1) I have never been able to do forward rolls – not even as a kid and certainly not now as an adult!

2) I cannot not burst a spot. Yes, as disgusting as that is, it needs to be burst!

3) Sometimes im not sure which part of a persons face I should focus on when they are speaking to me, or when I am talking to them. I find looking at someones mouth a bit…uneasy so tend to settle on maintaining eye contact. It probably gives the impression im staring. Do you suppose they notice the glazed over look too?

4) I smirk for no apparent reason sometimes.

5) Most of my wardrobe consists of black clothing – including black accessories. Because black goes with everything!

6) I have a shoe and handbag fetish, can’t stop buying them! My wardrobe is about to spill over with my handbags much to my Mum’s despair

7) I speak in a low soft tone. Sometimes a bit too low that people don’t hear what I say. It sounds a lot louder to me anyway so I conclude they must be used to people speaking at deafening decibels!

I tag….Unique Muslimah and iMuslim