I was wondering something.

The recent events that took place in London and Glasgow (the US supposedly had information about a potential attack in Glasgow or Prague weeks before, why this information wasn’t made available to the police or intelligence is another story for another day! I await the developments on this one) made me wonder whether indeed these “people” are doing exactly that which they blame the UK and US (and any “Western” country) of doing. They complain that “Western lives” are seen as more worthy and valuable than the lives of those who die in Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia and other war torn countries by the Western nations. The “blood” of “Muslims” is free to spill, but there is uproar when the blood of a Western man/woman is spilt.

Don’t they themselves value the lives of those in the East as more “worthy” and needing to be “rescued” than those of the West, (be it Western Muslims_? They obviously dont make any distinction of Muslims that may be residing in the West (which there is a fair few lets be honest!), and obviously don’t value the worth of these lives or existence of these Muslims and so are quite pleased to go on a killing rampage in the West since everything Western is “decadent”. Would that include Muslims too (?)

They are more fixated upon those “dying at the hands of the West” in the East than the lives (albeit Muslim deaths and Muslim lives- since that seems to be their ammunition and drive towards committing these heinous acts) they happily include as “civilian debris” whilst on their “mission”. Deja vu, no?

The qualms may be with foreign policy of the UK (and US) but it seems that certain inhabitants of the UK have more of a problem with foreign policy than those of the US due to the number of cases here of “home-grown terrorists”. If indeed they wish to influence policy changes, ramming Jeeps into terminal buildings, or planting nail bombs in the Underground is not going to achieve anything.

Whatever happened to the value of human life, regardless of religion, ethnic origin, background, race and creed? Is not the “killing of one the equivalent of killing all of humanity” applicable to all human lives or do they pick and choose what is considered “human”?