I keep seeing this incessant emphasis on separating culture from Islam, and from your life generally in order to be a “proper Muslim”

This general reference is made without distinction – that culture can have bad aspects and good aspects, and it is the former rather than the latter one should stay clear from.

From my own reading of Muslims and their wants is that culture itself should never be an influence on their life, it should never amalgamate with their religious practises and above all, it should never be seen positively. All culture is bad, and any good that is seen in it is Islam influenced. So literature, art, music to name but a few are all “corrupt” and bad and shouldnt be indulged in, lest you entertain Satanic thoughts. They are “worldly” things that you “enjoy” so therefore it is a waste of time – or on the extreme end of things “haram”

How have people become so…condensed in their line of thinking? And when did this happen? What brought it on? Is now everything that is cultural (the very things that aeons ago would be boasted about, such as art, literature, poetry) is seen to be “kaffir ridden” and therefore “bad”?