We all know that weddings are blessed celebrations. Its a celebration of the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the groom and bride (and their extended family – lets not kid ourselves, you arent marrying each other, but the entire family! Especially the grooms mother if you are a girl :p)

Islamically the wedding consists of the nikah and the walimah. The walimah is usually referred to as a post-wedding celebration and is akin to making a public announcement of the marriage.

There seems to be dislike towards having large weddings. Emphasis is on small weddings, as they are less likely to have “munkar” occurring and are more likely to be filled with barkat (blessings). Increasingly there is no music at weddings. Instead they resort to having nasheeds sometimes at loud blaring level – which I personally find strange. Some kids are even boogeying away to it!

But if there are some individuals who like large weddings – they are, most often than not, seen to be “showing off” – particularly making a show of their wealth. Large weddings are seen to be a waste of expense, expensive clothing thats never worn again, same with jewellery, wasteful in food, decorations and other perishable items. They remind people of the simplicity of weddings during the Prophet (saw)’s era.

On the other side of the coin, most people only get married once and wish to make it a joyous and memorable occasion.

Aren’t weddings meant to be personal? And if you have wealth there is no prohibition in spending it for the right intentions therefore if you are able to afford a large wedding and wish to have one, then why shouldnt that be the case? Instead of feeling the morality police may crack down on you for being “extravagant”?

So – large wedding, or small cosy wedding? Which one do you like and why?