Following on from an interesting post at Tia’s blog on Islamising the West, I was wondering how likely fellow bloggers believe this will be the case?

What does “Islamisation of the West” actually mean? Is Islamisation about the faith/religion which the majority of citizens in the West will prescribe to? The desire to implement Islamic Law in Western nations? The emphasise on implementing an Islamic way of life (as vague as that sounds) on the nation? The demand from Muslims (and some non-Muslims) to provide justice to Muslim countries that are currently the reasons attributed for the youth’s disillusion and anger towards the West?

With the media hype about “Islamisation” one would imagine they are envisaging some kind of mass invasion of Muslims (born and bred in Western countries, converts, or Muslim immigrants) of huge proportions.

What is this “fear” about? Does it have any real concrete grounding? Do they have grounds for concern?