Often changes are quite apparent in some people who after years of neglecting their religion turn back to practising Islam.

In some instances they’ll begin to dress in long thobes/jubbah’s. Wear a skullcap. Others begin to insert “Alhumdulillah, Mash’Allah, Insh’Allah” in conversations – usually after every second word. They insist on sticking to greetings of salaam whereas before they may have parted with “khuda/allah hafiz” and/or various other derivatives.

They’ll begin to refer to you as “Ukthi/Akhi” or “Sister/Brother” (perhaps you need to wear a name badge?) and if you have children you’ll be called by your first child – Umm X or Abu X. They deem having a kunyah as mandatory (almost.)

Why does this happen?

And does it irritate anyone else as much as it irritates me? (Especially the Ukthi and Umm X point made above)