Research into religious fundamentalism is taking place by Association for Women’s Rights in Development -AWID

Here is some background information about the research

Religious fundamentalisms are gaining strength in many countries, manifesting themselves in control over women’s sexuality, bodies, family relationships, movement, dress codes, and participation in public, etc. Religious fundamentalist forces are gaining undue influence in setting social norms and architecture; dominating everyday facets of life; defining laws in particular family laws which most impact women; controlling the media; influencing national policy-makers and international institutions; undermining human rights institutions and norms; putting religion at the center of state business; increasing the dominance of religion in public life; and undermining spaces for plurality and dissent.

Women’s rights advocates have done considerable work detailing how religious fundamentalisms impact on women’s rights, such as the demand for regressive reform of family law in Muslim contexts or the rise of the Christian evangelical movement in the United States. There has also been some documentation of strategies to resist and challenge religious fundamentalisms. However, there has yet to be feminist research which synthesizes the broad trends of the impact of religious fundamentalisms on women’s rights and lives, that is cross-comparative across religions and regions which is credible, accessible and widely shared. We also need a greater in-depth and cross-comparative documentation of concrete examples of strategies being used by women to resist and challenge religious fundamentalisms (Source)

The survey can be found here. Closing date is the 9th of September 2007.

Fill it out if you wish! I think its a very interesting piece of research and should no doubt yield some intriguing results.