Advice from Brother Naeem. Most important one of all being:

I have just one critical piece of advice.

Please, please, please do NOT overeat.

Achelois asks about invasive medical procedures and fasting

Does anyone have any idea about transvaginal ultrasounds and fasting? Can a woman fast and have a transvaginal scan or will it nullify her fast? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated by my neighbour.

Organic discusses the meaning of Ramadhan

As the Holy month approaches in a couple of days. I can’t help but reminisce the days of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. “What will this month bring for me this year?” I wonder.

Unique’s been waiting for that all important guest

Eyes glued. Silence. Waiting. Tension.

I waited with them, feeling that this scene was all too familiar.

It was, wasn’t it? It reminded me of a special guest we wait for every year.


iMuslim’s wondering about Eid gifts already!

Btw, if anyone was wondering what to get me for Eid (the post-Ramadan holiday), the last entry was a hint. {grin}