I managed to catch the first episode of Britz which is a drama based around a brother and sister duo post 9/11 events. Both siblings are pulled in opposite, polarised positions – with one (Sohail) becoming an MI5 recruit, and the other (Nasima) a political activist.

Part one showed series of events from Sohail’s POV. And part two is based on Nasima.

 Did anyone (based in the UK) catch it last night? For those who missed it, I believe you can watch it again. See the C4 website for details.

What did you make of it? I have mixed feelings about it, both regarding the content and the overall “message” its trying to convey and other things in a larger context. I was particularly quite frustrated that British Muslims are depicted as extremists (again), on the verge of becoming “jihadists” due to becoming disenfranchised. The two dimensional characters in the drama also annoyed me – whereby you either demonstrate loyalty for your country by working for Intelligence, or for your religion by becoming a suicide bomber. These may not seem to be terribly overt but were underlying themes central to the storyline which in itself simply feeds on people’s already misplaced paranoia of Muslims and their faith.

So yes it was a little far fetched at places, believable in others but nevertheless overall I found it intriguing and interesting as far as drama’s go and so will tune into part two tonight.

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