I heard a wee while ago from a source (won’t comment on the reliability of the source – im putting this “out there” more for discussion purposes) that as women are not expected/required to “make up” the fardh prayers they miss when menstruating, they also do not have to make up the missed fasts from Ramadhaan.

 The reason? The usual ones attributed for exemption of prayers – menstruation is a state of ritual impurity etc See Sunnipath for more details.

Now personally, I ‘ve always been aware that one needs to “make up” the missed fasts. And so I didnt see the “discrepancy” in terms of both prayers andRamadhaan fasts being fardh, yet the former don’t require to be made up whereas the latter do.

 Anyone have any insight into this matter?

 Its interesting now that it’s been brought to my attention.