I love interior design. Although I’ve rarely had the opportunity to decorate an entire home, I have had the pleasure of selecting soft furnishings, table pieces and colour schemes for various rooms.

Less is definitely more when it comes to colour and furniture. However I also believe a home should FEEL like a home, rather than a show home apartment. The minimilist look, although clutter free, has a cold clinical feel and look about it IMO. A home should look lived in and comfortable. Not like a waiting room at some private plastic surgeon’s clinic.

 I know of people who re-decorate their home on a yearly basis,  not out of need, but because as trends go on they feel the home has become outdated.

I personally love Italian and Arab furniture. I love Indian room separators. The lovely rich dark wood, with intricate brass work is beautiful.

I also love 4 poster beds (picture above)

What does the budding interior designer in you like?