Following on from Haleems comment

Eh… dying is over-rated.

it sparked off a list of things that I personally believe are definitely over-rated.

My list is as follows:

  •  Marriage (The beginning of the end of your life as I call it)
  • Sex (Dont need to explain this one do I?)
  • Love (I’ve got a feeling im going to be annihilated for this one…)
  •  Chocolate (Apart from the odd Ferrero Rocher; chocolate doesn’t do anything for me)
  •  Employment (self explanatory)
  •  University (aside from the lie in’s – I much preferred school life over uni)
  •  Being a husband/wife (Yes. Its not as wonderful as people make it out to be)
  •  Living on your own (Coming home to an empty house is appealing, but on the whole its incredibly boring)
  •  Food (Especially food that is described as “orgasmic”. Please. Do they have to link everything back to sex?? )
  •  Certain abstract art pieces (When you are presented with an art piece that compromises of squiggles, it does not have a deeper meaning. They are just squiggles. No more, no less)
  •  Posh restaurants and their food. (When you’re paying £22 a dish, you expect more than a peanut sized portion.)

There is more but its not coming to me at this moment. 

What do you think is definitely over-rated and why?