*Your true friend is the one who participates in your efforts and for the sake of your gain is prepared to suffer losses.

*When a person cares not about three things, then separate from him even if the return is but a fistful of ashes. These are loyalty, willingness to spend, and guarding your secrets. Know the enemy of my friend is my enemy. And the friend of my enemy is my friend.”

*’Ilm (knowledge) without ‘Aql (intelligence) is like having shoes with no feet; and ‘Aql without ‘Ilm is like having feet with no shoes.

*Ignorance of a person is a death for him before his actual death. And his body is a grave before he is buried in his grave, because a person who has not received from ‘Ilm is a dead being. And he shall never be raised until the Last Day.

*The  Faqih is one who is Faqih due to his state, not the one known as Faqih due to his oratory and writings. 

*Knowledge is my Companion; it is with me everywhere I go. My heart is its container and not the bookshelf.