For those familiar with Bollywood movies, you all know how absurd the storylines are. And if you’ve seen one, you’ve literally seen them all. But theres one thing that really amuses me about them. Nope, not the dancing in the fields or prancing about trees or on mountaintops.

The paradox that is intimacy.

 Now as far as I can remember, in these movies nothing was made of the boy and girl hugging one another, or even slobbering on each other in weird bodily places. Sexually suggestive dancing wasn’t reacted to either. It was something that was considered the “norm”.  Personally when I look back to some of the movies from the 70s, when the flared trousers and open shirts with tufts of chest hair (yuck) peeping out was “cool” , when women with huge beehives for hair and lycra neon yellow second skin dresses insisted on trying to dance was “hip”, I cringe. I also cringe at how “explicit” some of the scenes were. The movies overall toned  everything down in the 90s. Until now.

 Now a simple dance around some trees in a field far far away isn’t enough. No. Nor is having a girl prancing about in some water. Nope. Suggestive hip grinding dance moves are getting more “in your face” but worse than that is that flesh , and lots of it, is the order of the day. Sex scenes (in all its variety and glory mind you), sexual innuendo’s, obvious gay jokes; you name it, it happens.

I find it terribly ironic that although the above near-groping scenes weren’t reacted to quite as badly as you’d expect, kissing on the lips is seen to be THE most horrendous thing ever! What was attributed to Hollywood movies, the “filth” is now a badge proudly worn by Bollywood!

Can’t watch a bolly movie with your parents anymore, thats for sure.