The weather is absolutely baltic as we Scots call it. (which means freezing)

I have to take the train to work since parking in the car park would cost me an arm and a leg. I’ve decided to give my legs a workout instead 😉

But having been completely dependent on my car, I seem to underestimate the amount of time it’ll take me to get to places via public transport. I havent used public transport on a regular basis for the past 3 years. However, i’m relieved that work is only ONE train ride away and only takes 15mins to and fro (minus the people traffic of course!). I’d HATE to take 3 odd trains just to get to work! (as was my experience when I attended a workshop in London – doing that on one off basis wasn’t too bad, but doing that daily would be so annoying)

 So whats the weather like where you are ?


 how many trains/buses does it take you to get to work/uni/school?