The US release of Kite Runner has been scheduled for 14th December. For those in the US/Canada do give me feedback on how you found the movie!

 Here in the UK, release date is the 26th of Dec. I suppose people who are incredibly eager and can’t wait til then will download it off the Net somehow (where there’s a will, theres a way!)

A trailer for the movie is available here

 There’s been controversy over the actors that were recruited for the movie. The actors were local boys, taken from two separate ethnic tribes,  Hazara’s and Pashtuns, which are integral to the storyline. Whether they needed to take locals instead of having young actors play the role is something that’s currently been up for discussion since there’s danger of possible unrest in the area where these local boys were from, with reports of them having to flee due to anticipated reprisals from angry locals.

The article can be found here