How do Muslims reconcile with deaths caused by suicide? Per Islamic principles, funeral and burial procedures vary depending on cause of death. By far most deaths receive “normal” funeral and burial rites whereby a funeral service is performed which consists of the funeral prayer followed by burial.
However for individuals whom cause of death has been identified to be due to suicide (intentional or unintentional) the funeral rights and burial procedures vary. AFAIK, the deceased is not given funeral rights relating to the performance of funeral prayers but rather a straightforward burial occurs instead.
For the deceased loved one’s and family and friends, this may further exacerbate their stress, grief and bereavement to the point where cause of death may be purposely with-held from the relevant religious leaders and at large to the community due to the stigma attached to suicide. I have heard of incidences where family have not reported cause of death due to the stigma and reaction from the community and so have had the full funeral procedure carried out.

For those who were under duress or had mental health problems and committed suicide whilst in these “states” – most would state there would be no sin upon them for the act of suicide. But would they still have a full funeral and burial in the “normal” sense?
Does anyone know why the funeral procedures are different in this case (for those who commit suicide)? For those who are martyred they are not given the ritual washing but buried in the clothing they passed away wearing but funeral prayers are performed for them.
But in terms of death by suicide (not in the “martyr” sense of suicide) why are funeral prayers not performed?
If I have the information on this wrong, then please do correct me with the relevant sources to back up your POV for benefits of encouraging own further reading for myself and fellow readers.