I’ve noticed this “trend” amongst some Muslims (usually the women sadly).

They seem to have “holier than thou” syndrome and believe themselves to be a par above everybody else. I’ve seen it mostly amongst those who declare themselves to be “Salafi’s”. Those who believe black is the only acceptable colour to wear outdoors, that if you don’t wear jilbab then really you don’t have a clue or a “right” opinion on anything. If you are not in hijaab then you are ignorant and a lesser Muslim. Or if you dislike niqaab then may you be struck by lightning! If you work then you are compromising your Islaam by working alongside men (sorry but I dont see our transport system as being segregated either – so you must be compromising yours when you decide to go to that oh so important shopping mall to buy, yet again, frivilous frilly knickers and low plunging dresses)

 I had no idea that being on the salaf meant you lose your mannerisms, compassion, empathy and patience!

I dont know what the men are like since I haven’t been in their warped company (and probably never will be since we are fitnah, our very being is corrupt. We should be seen and not heard!)

Overall their approach and attitude is absolutely pathetic (the one’s I’ve come across anyway). God save me from such people.

God save us all from such people!