As Winter approaches the warm weather takes a steep nosedive. For those who were lucky to have a warm Summer (since this year our summer was quite paltry, it rained heavily) and a brisk Autumn – you can look forward to the seasons, with Winter being the last in the list. We can’t distinguish between the seasons here! (I can’t unless someone mentions its the start of Spring or if a heat wave ensues which I take to indicate Summer has dawned upon us)

 But now that Winter is here we can get into our thick jumpers and woollen mits. And gorge ourselves on foods rich in carbs and fat. Or eat more than usual and then start thinking about hitting the gym again….(ahem)

My favourite thing about Winter aside from the tree’s decorated with little blue fairy lights, is to sit beside the fireplace and have mint choc chip ice cream. Ice cream is just not the same without the chilly frosty weather!

What do you like best about Winter?