Cairo: With an estimated 20,000 cases of rape annually, some Egyptian lawmakers are pushing for giving rape victims the right to abortion.According to the semi-official newspaper Al Ahram, an MP has presented a draft bill to the parliament demanding an amendment to the Egyptian law to allow pregnant woman, who has been raped, to go for abortion. The aim, according to MP Khalil Qouta, is to curb an increasing number of children of unknown parents in Egypt.

“Any girl or woman, who is subjected to rape, has the right in Islam to have abortion at anytime, and she would not commit a sin for doing this,” said Egypt’s top Muslim cleric Mohammad Sayed Tantawi. (Read the rest here)

Some may argue the above doesn’t target the crime of rape, but rather its after effects. Some articles point to the rising rates of rape to be a result of high rates of unemployment, boredom or engaging in sex outside of marriage. IMO boredom and unemployment are not the cause of rapes but rather are used as an excuse. The act of rape in itself is above and beyond mere economic and social factors – yes the circumstances may increase the likelihood of rape (as is the case with wars, famine, financial strife and poverty to name a few) but they can never be used to excuse or to explain it. Rape is used as a weapon, to manipulate, destroy and degrade.

 On the flip side there are women who cry rape when sex was, at the time, consensual. We can’t deny that. But on the whole the likelihood of this being the case is small.

 At least the women now have a choice in these stakes- of keeping the child borne as a result of the rape or abort it. The decision isn’t a light one to take either.

What do you think? Should rape victims keep the child or would abortion be the better abortion?