Do you remember anything(or dream) when they put you *under*? I felt/had no dreams whatsover, very strange,huh? sf

I rarely have dreams. Well at least I didn’t think I did since I don’t remember much of them once awake. But there was a point where a few dreams led me to believe that perhaps I do dream, but my recollection of them are quite poor. A few times (a while back) I had some vivid dreams, one which included me crying in my sleep only to wake up. I thought it was perhaps the crying was just in the dream but I found the sobbing to have literally spilled over- my pillow was wet. But I had no idea what I was crying over or about. But I sensed it was something sad. The actual content however I was absolutely clueless about.

So I began to keep a journal on the bedside cabinet and attempted to capture the dream in piecemeal fashion. I was rarely able to narrate it all in chronological order, but whatever fragments came to mind I jotted down. In order to have any dreams TO recollect this had to be done within half an hour of waking up from my slumber. As the minutes went by, any memory of the content of the dreams faded rapidly. But the feeling attached to any dream remained despite not being able to understand its connection.

I kept the record for any dreams I had for a while. I don’t do it anymore though. Some of the dreams were quite interesting, others quite banal. Even had dreams where I was dreaming of having a dream! Those one’s are quite amusing. And then there are those one’s where you are aware of dreaming and can control the direction in which the dream takes. All very interesting.

Do any of you have dreamless dreams?