I was browsing through Ghazali’s “Revival of the Religious Sciences” and came across this passage regarding the worth/value of a barren (infertile) woman.


I’d never come across these supposed hadith relating to barren women before, but its also left me puzzled (it also ties in with the expectation of children following after marriage); one due to it being a relatively “new” discovery and that some of the Prophet(saw)’s wives were also barren, yet He (saw) never had a low opinion of them, their worth and what they could contribute to both the marriage and on a larger scale to Islam.

Something about this seems awry.

I can’t seem to find a hadith that remotely mentions anything like the above. The reference for the hadith in the article states:


Basing information on something that can’t be supported or justified. Hmmm. All quite strange.

I’ve also noticed other references to hadith in this article that have a slight variation in the narration of events, some with major changes, some with omissions. Not quite sure why this is the case, but it’s also another reason why I think the above doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Has anyone ever come across these hadith before? If so (or if you haven’t) what could possible be the explanation for these? Are there any explanations other than the ones Ghazali put forward?