Dear Irving has tagged me, and despite spelling my name wrong (arghhh :p) I shall comply with the rules of tag which are as follows:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)

2. Open the book to page 123

3. Find the 5th Sentence.

4. Post the next 3 sentences

5. Tag 5 people

The book to hand I have is Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. The passage that appears following the above rules is:

“But my heart is agitated”, the boy said. “It has its dreams, it gets emotional, and it’s becoming passionate over a woman of the desert. It (heart) asks things of me and it keeps me from sleeping many nights, when I’m thinking about her.” “Well thats good. Your heart is alive. Keep listening to what it has to say.”

I tag iMuslim, Amal, Organic, Tia and Abdul.