I am not one for period drama’s. The poncy English, the thought of how smelly their clothes were due to bathing only once a week but sweating for 7 had always put me off.

 But a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having the TV to myself for an entire evening. This is a rarity for me! So whilst channel hopping, I came across a 1995 BBC drama serial based on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice“. I watched two episodes and was hooked! So much so that I proceeded to watch it on youtube and have just finished watching the entire series! It took me about 2 weeks but it was absolutely worth it.

 I used to wonder why women spoke so highly of the fictional character Mr Darcy since admittedly I have never read the novel, or any of Jane Austen’s novels for that matter- but now I also feel the same about him! I was thoroughly pleased with the ending, although with Elizabeth Bennet’s mother being so annoying I thought her daughters would never happily marry anyone since she’d scare them off with her nasal chattering!

I love Mr Darcy too 😀