This evening was quite a boring one as far as evenings go. I was helping Mum try out some new kitchen gadget she bought. I frankly think its quite useless but I have learned not to voice such negative opinions when it comes to my Mum’s fondness for kitchen appliances. Otherwise I would have to endure a tirade of “look at how handy it is…you don’t like anything I like…” comments. So I keep my mouth zipped.

So while I was flipping over the Peri Peri marinated chicken breasts on this grilling machine I notice the backdoor light come on. I assumed it was my brother until I noticed from the silhoutte of the person to be of a small frame and had his/her pace had begun to slow down as oppose to a raging charge into the kitchen like a speeding bullet as is my brother’s usual style.

I open the door and theres a girl. She would be in her early to mid 20s. She wasn’t entirely appropriately dressed for the gale force winds and heavy showers we’ve been having all day. The day before my brother mentioned one of my Mums friends had called and stated her daughter was wanting to pop round and use our printer. So initally when I seen this girl I thought it was her. But this girl wasn’t familiar looking at all. She looked nothing like Mum’s friends daughter. She began to say “Hi…you don’t know me do you?” at which point I felt the wind was going to knock me right into the kitchen fridge whilst thinking “God if this is Saira she’s changed drastically from when I seen her last week!”

But it wasn’t Saira. Good thing too otherwise I would’ve admitted myself into hospital for severe amnesia and a pre-mid life crisis. It was some girl who had been wandering around waiting for her friend as they were due to attend a birthday party. Her friend didnt turn up and wasn’t answering her phone. So this poor girl came up our garden path and was asking for the name of the street so she could call a taxi.

Dopey me was speaking to her whilst she was standing outside and it didnt even occur to me to ask her in (mostly due to the impression that family members would get annoyed at me for taking in strays off the street) until I heard my Mum saying “ask her to come in, she’ll get blown away in the wind!”.

She seemed to be Eastern European upon first impressions. Eventually whilst calling in a private taxi, which she asked me for the number and asked me to speak to them as cab office staff had problems understanding her thick accent, I found out her name. With a name like “Shiva” which I thought sounded terribly Hindu or possibly Jewish but then I am quite  an ignoramus with these kind of things but at least it, alongside her thick not-familiar-to -my-ears accent, confirmed that she wasn’t local.

Whilst waiting for the private cab, I asked her whether she wanted a drink. She kindly declined. I then stated that the weather isn’t exactly pleasant for party purposes! She agreed. But if it was me I would’ve gone too regardless of gale force winds or pelting cold rain.

My dad was about to walk into the kitchen until he noticed her sitting there. He had a look of confusion which lasted for a few seconds, said hello and then retreated back into the living room. A few minutes later my brothers walked in. They also spotted her so amongst confusion and surprise mumbled “hey how you doing?” and walked off  trying to figure out who she was as they werent expecting anyone to be dropping by for a visit. And they know most of my friends so were thinking this must be a “new one”. I’ve had a few “new ones” over the past few years.

I spotted a black cab driving around outside so mentioned to the girl this must be her ride. The driver must’ve been new since instead of stopping he proceeded to go around the block. I was assuming he was looking for the house number. So we waited for it to make a re-appearance. The second time around I noticed the headlights amongst the drizzling rain, I waved my hand across the porch light to activate it and told her the cab was back. She then thanked me and walked out. I didn’t see her catch the taxi since the idiot didn’t bother to slow down and she had disappeared after it around the corner.

I went upstairs and looked out my window and seen it go around the corner. I started to get a bit concerned. Why was he going round the block again? Most taxi’s just do a U-turn in the road instead of taking the long route of wasting petrol around the block. Did he not spot her waiting outside? I didn’t see the cab again after that.

But I couldn’t rest and was anxious not knowing whether the cab picked her up or not. So I called the taxi firm and enquired whether the cab had picked up its fare as I didn’t want her standing outside in such awful weather and it being dark. He confirmed that it must have since he hadn’t had any other information from the taxi driver indicating otherwise. And I couldn’t see anyone wandering about outside either – no cab, no lost girl.

I hope she got to her destination ok. She was a pleasant girl and brought my day to a nice end.

I just wish I had asked her how she applied her eyeliner, it was gorgeous!