Not much going on these days for me, but I felt like penning (or blogging) this week’s happenings purely because it’s been a weird one

  • Was asked to take some baby related items (drinking cup and whatnot) which were being handed out to give to my child. When I mentioned I don’t have any weans, the look on the other person’s face was one of surprise
  • Helped a lovely lady dress her newborn baby with a warm winter coat and fluffy hat. Whilst doing this, I mentioned I get very scared handling babies so small because they are so floppy and fragile. I was asked how old my child is now.
  • Finished speaking to a participant who had come along with her kids. Kids ran about crazed during the entire period. When they were preparing to leave, her 7 year old daughter hugged me out of the blue
  • Had my name mispronounced at least 4 times. It really isn’t THAT difficult to pronounce
  • Unusually tired come late afternoon – find myself yawning far too much
  • Argued this week with someone, was really upset about it and cried like a girl, but also made up quickly. Still not quite over it though…
  • Bumped into old acquaintances – 2 of them from the same course I attended a few years ago in the space of a week!
  • Realised how nice it is to have female company at times
  • Sat and wondered how I have managed to accumulate so much junk over the years
  • Whoops, had to phone a friend about meeting up over Easter break – better go do that now!