Today while I was having my lunch, and reading my paper like I usually do I noticed this guy walk into the canteen. I hadn’t seen him around before. He definitely didn’t work with us. So I assumed he was a visiting guest. He caught my eye purely because he was tall, good looking, of muscular build and was staring at me! I went back to reading my paper but noticed him continuing to look in my direction out the corner of my eye. He was either Turkish or Iranian judging by appearance. He sat down a few tables away from me for a few minutes. A while later he got up and walked in my direction. I was sitting next to the water cooler so he came and helped himself to some nice cold water. I didn’t look up at him or acknowledged his presence, but felt his eyes burning into me. He took an awfully long time filling his cup.

 After a while of staring at non-responsive me (I was still reading my paper – I have to finish it during my lunch hour, its a  lunchtime ritual which initially was adopted to pass lunch hour quicker, but has become routine and integral to the lunching experience) he pulled out a book from his bag and started to read. Some time later, around 10mins, I decided I had to get back to my desk and finish the paperwork I had pending. I leaned forward, brushed off any crumbs I had on my clothes (which I generally do when lunching – I swear I need a bib sometimes), and folded my newspaper. The chaps head moved away from his book back onto me. At which point I wanted to rewind and go back to sitting very still reading my paper but thought “don’t hesitate, get up, pick up your things and go”. So I got up, picked up my bottle of apple juice and chocolate bar and proceeded out of the canteen. He was still looking.

Went back to my desk and mentioned to my work colleague about there being a nice chap in the canteen. Which he was, even though he gawped. Does that make me a pervert? She just had to go grab a quick cup of water from the water cooler in the canteen (although there is one nearby our desk) at that very moment. We spent a few moments guessing who he was, and what he was doing here. My guess was a lot closer than hers as I later found out. I went back to the canteen a while later and he had gone.

Next time (if there is one), I will introduce myself . It might break the ice and hopefully lessen the staring on his part after he realises I am not mute and can speak English!