A woman’s ability to nurture life in her womb is nothing short of amazing. She produces life, provides a haven for her unborn child, ensures he/she is born healthy – this unseen child who makes his/her presence aware through kicking its mother and via the ever increasing bump visible for all to see.

This should make women feel empowered, that they have been bestowed the amazing gift of giving life, a womb that is inviting and a sanctuary for life to grow in.

However, from an early age this beautiful ability is portrayed to be a negative asset. Instead men who are the “sowers of the seeds” are praised for not “shooting blanks” – some are even glorified for their sexual prowess. Women are told to “keep their legs crossed”

As a result of this sad reality, girls are told to “watch their virginity” – to preserve their “virgnity” to the point where the use of tampons is actively discouraged. Girls worry about their reputation, dignity and social standing through the possibility of “falling pregnant” – even if that is as a result of being raped or a consensual r’ship outside of wedlock. The responsibility is entirely on them despite human conception not being asexual.

She also, culturally for some, bears the brunt of the sex of the child (biologically she has no influence over this) – if she does not produces male heirs, she is deemed inadequate. If she does, then her position in the family and home is elevated.

Howcan  something so beautiful can become (or seen to be) a liability? It is just criminal.